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Valeyo Ori product launch

Introducing Valeyo Ori, our new omnichannel loan origination platform that empowers credit unions to define their own lending journeys, and seamlessly integrate with best-in-class financial service providers of their choice. Built on 20 years of lending expertise, a secure API model, and a vendor agnostic strategy, Valeyo Ori is transforming the lending experience for credit unions and their members.

About Valeyo
Valeyo is a leading Canadian-based solutions provider, partnering with to deliver a full suite of business solutions, including technology and insurance related products and services for financial institutions nationwide. For more than 40 years, clients have trusted us to be their go-to provider based on the strength of our proprietary products, strategic partnership and people. Valeyo is a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Securian Financial Group.
Valeyo Ori Strategy
In-branch loans origination has always been at the core of Valeyo’s technology solutions, however, lending now encompasses so much more. A multitude of new digital enhancements, features, tools, and integrations are required to help any institution evolve their lending operations from a traditional model to a digital ecosystem.

Driven by an aggressive roadmap and multi-million-dollar investment from parent company Securian Financial, we are transforming our lending technology at speed, to deliver a true omnichannel experience that let our partners create and define their own lending journey.

Behind the scenes with the Valeyo Ori product team

Hear from our team of lending technology experts, and take a deeper dive into the product's strategy, benefits for Canada's credit unions, and roadmap.

It's not as simple as just building a product. If you're going to work with the industry to collaborate and build for the future, you need to have the right team and skills to drive that.

Sara Mazhar, VP Technology, Valeyo
on investing in the future of lending

Our Technology Governance Committee is a group of 11 credit unions that share a similar mindset of pushing the boundaries of lending technology.

Andrew Pastoric, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Valeyo
on industry partnerships and collaboration

It was important to focus on the experience of all roles within the institution, rather than only the lending officers, in order to improve productivity and efficiency across the institution.

Richard Ward, Senior Product Manager, Valeyo
on system function and design

What I'm really proud of is the number of integrations that allow for a seamless journey. It makes the member experience more seamless and gives credit advisors a lot more tools to make the entire credit process more efficient, less error prone, and easier to use than the other tools in market.

Paul Kachappilly, Director Technology, Valeyo
on product features & capabilities

Voices of the industry

From financial service leaders to industry partners to UX design gurus, hear what the experts have to say about the evolving lending technology ecosystem and what the future holds for Canada's credit unions.

Valeyo and Celero are proactively working together to bring innovative solutions that benefit credit unions and financial institutions, and most importantly, fellow Canadians.

Barb MacLean, VP Integrations and Analytics, Celero
on working together for partners and clients.

The API strategy that Valeyo and thirdstream have put in place enables the exact customer journey that consumers expect today.

Keith Ginter, CEO, thirdstream, and
George Hofsink, Head of Sales and Strategy, thirdstream
on API-driven strategies and the future of lending.

We needed to create an experience where an individual with a lot of experience in the credit union loan adjudication space could thrive, as well as someone that is brand new.

Stephen Megitt, Executive Strategy Director, EY Design Studio
on driving productivity and efficiency through intuitive design for the Valeyo Ori platform.

January 2021

To Innovate at Speed, Canadian Financial Institutions Must Think “We” Not “Me”

Technology and business are forevermore joined at the hip: strategically, tactically, and operationally. While many financial institutions (FI) across Canada are faced with the challenge of serving both prospective and existing members remotely, their current digital channels (if existent) were also challenged to an extent that FIs have not experienced before.


Pushing the giants | Open banking whitepaper

Open banking is going to have a significant impact on the economy for consumers and financial institutions. And Canada’s credit unions are well positioned to tackle open banking with the same commitment to the collective that has been so integral to their past and is critical to their future.

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Valeyo Celero Logo header


Celero Digital Lending Partnership

Valeyo joins Celero Xchange™ to deliver digital lending solutions to Canadian financial services providers, innovating lending options available to Canadian credit unions through Celero Xchange’s growing ecosystem.


Innovation Credit Union Partnership

We are incredibly excited to announce our strategic #partnership with Innovation Credit Union as we work together to accelerate the development of our proprietary digital lending and credit management platform for credit unions and financial services providers.


Thinking long term - Consider the end-to-end process

The race to a best-in-class #digital #lending #experience is on! End-to-end efficiency is king. Check out some of my key learnings and thoughts for financial institutions to consider.

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