Valeyo Gains Partnership Alignment Coast to Coast

2019-07-25  |  Toronto, Ontario

Valeyo, a leading solutions provider to the financial services industry, is taking major steps to further align their offerings with Financial Institution (Fl) strategies across Canada.  In tandem with the recent multi-million-dollar technology investment announcement, Valeyo conducted a nationwide roadshow, visiting several FIs, fintech partners and industry leaders across Canada. The main goal of the roadshow was to learn about FI partner strategies, initiatives, and the technology in use to validate our own ambitions and product roadmaps over the coming years.

Financial institutions across the country are seeking plug-and-play integration capabilities within their lending and protection technology ecosystem to provide personalized, seamless experiences for their members.

This overarching theme outlined key initiatives for Valeyo over the next two years, including the creation of a proprietary digital lending platform as well as exposing our market leading LOS functionality via API to deliver a true omni-channel experience. This open API model will allow trusted 3rd parties to connect to our LOS, enabling an ecosystem of connected solutions, driving efficiency and a best in class experience for both members and staff.

The roadshow findings validated our approach to evolving our insurance and lending technology. Our roadmap deliverables are poised to expand Fl partner offerings by connecting members to relevant products and services at every point throughout the member journey and we are excited to help our partners build better businesses and deliver great experiences to their members.

Our New Modular Approach

For 40 years, Valeyo has specialized in connecting financial institution partners to relevant lending and protection solutions. Traditionally, we packaged our insurance solutions suite and lending technology together for credit union partners, however, heightened market demand and industry trends have prompted an advancement in our distribution.

We are pleased to announce that Fl partners can now purchase our lending technology and insurance suite as separate solutions.

This new direction is congruent with the emerging desire for FIs to define and control their own member experiences and offerings whilst gaining efficiencies through use of the most relevant technologies. With over 30% of market share in the Canadian credit union space, Valeyo’s Loan Origination System (LOS) is the trusted market leader for the industry and its ability to support any insurance carrier will grant more credit unions access to a proven solution.

As a thought-leader with a national presence, Valeyo continues to grow its offerings in accordance to your business, because it’s our business, too.

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